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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing A pay per click campaign that puts you on the top 10 of Google, Bing and Yahoo’s sponsored links

Local Business Search Optimization

Local Business Search Optimization- your business strategically on Google, Bing and Yahoo! Maps

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization- Increase your website's rank on search engines.

Did You Know??

More people use search engines than the Yellow Pages.

82% use search engines (Google, Yahoo, or MSN), only 57% use Yellow Pages

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Move Your Website Up in Google

If you don't have a full time webmaster, or IT guru on staff, you may find it really frustrating when you see your site lower than your competitors, or when you can't even find your site. There are several Search Engine Optimization (SEM) techniques you can do to help move your website up in Google's Ranks ... (read more)

Unleash the Power of Search

At Jupiter Marketing we can connect your business with relevant searches. We work for small businesses to help them make sense of online advertising: PPC, CPC, SEM, ROI on your CPC- it gets confusing.

Jupiter Marketing Group will work with your business to create an internet marketing strategy and Search Engine Marketing campaign (SEM). We can develop numerous pay per click campaigns and manage them for your business. We create online ads that target important search keywords. Once a consumer clicks on your ad, we can help land the sale, or conversion, by making a relevant optimized landing page. All of our services are created to help your company be more successful online.

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About Us

Jupiter Marketing Group is an internet marketing agency that specializes in Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns, search engine marketing and Facebook advertising. Search Engine Marketing branches into Search Engine Optimization and Local Business Optimization to help small businesses appear online and grow their business. We provide many Internet marketing solutions and help, some listed some not listed. So please don't be afraid to ask.